Platform in english

(Traduction du texte original français)

Initial Platform :

In the Fall of 2002, the initial platform of Collectif Echec a la guerre was entirely centered on the imminent US agression against Iraq. Our three basic objectives were :

  • to state our total opposition to the agression which the United States is preparing against the people of Iraq;
  • to demand that the Canadian government reject any participation in this agression and that it firmly condemn it;
  • to call upon the nations of the world to resist the US blackmail aimed at securing the approval of the United Nations to this war project, in violation of international law.

Present Platform :

In the Spring of 2003, following the invasion, our discussions on the broader significance of this war of agression led us to define our action in a more encompassing context. From then on, the work of the Echec a la guerre Collective was going to based on the struggle against the open tendancy of US military domination over the planet – and more particularly against Canadian collusion and participation in this tendancy. We now present the new platform adopted during these discussions (Unfortunately, the discussion paper which served as a basis for our discussions is only available in French).

: This more general formulation of our objectives does not in any way invalidate the demands the Collective made against the invasion and then the occupation of Iraq. These will definitely remain at the heart of our work in coming months. We are simply seeking to provide a more stable basis than a list of demands that will constantly require updating to keep up with the rapid evolution of the situation. This new formulation will constitute a more solid basis of unity for all the groups that are members of the Collective.

A. No to war, yes to peace

In general, the Échec à la guerre Collective opposes all wars of aggression, any will to dominate or control between countries, nations or other human communities. It advocates a world of peace, based on international relations of justice, equity and solidarity.

B. No to the war designs of the United States’ government

Created in October 2002 to unite Montreal area forces opposing the United States and British war against Iraq, the Échec à la guerre Collective intends to oppose the US designs revealed in broad daylight by this war. The so-called “war on terrorism”, the fight against the “axis of evil” and the “new threats” which must be countered through “preventive strikes” are only pretexts to cover a policy of domination in which military power constitutes the major asset to extend the empire to the whole world. The Échec à la guerre Collective totally opposes this military hegemony which represents, in our judgment, the most severe threat to the collective security of human beings on our planet.

This position is aimed at the aggressive foreign policy of the United States’ Government and not at its people, who are themselves endangered by this policy. It is therefore in solidarity with important segments of US society that are already fighting against this policy that we intend to deepen our work.

C. Against any canadian participation in this aggressive policy

Through all its actions,  the Échec à la guerre Collective will seek to distance, to dissociate Canada’s policies and economy from this aggressive US stance and will demand that the Canadian Government :

  • refuse to echo threats of aggression, to participate directly or indirectly in wars of aggression and to become an associate in the implementation of neo-colonial mandates resulting from such wars, not only in words but especially in action;
  • resist the blackmail and pressure by the U.S. government to ensure Canada’s participation or mere legitimization of its aggressive policies, and denounce them publicly;

Within the framework of the above-mentioned central concern, the Échec à la guerre Collective opposes any Canadian participation in the North-American anti-missile shield project and will call for reconversion of the Canadian military industry to civilian purposes.

D. Towards a true international community

The Échec à la guerre Collective calls upon all nations of the world to firmly oppose the hijacking of the United Nations to benefit US war plans or the marginalization of the UN through unilateral ‘faits accomplis’ that violate International Law and the very Charter of the UN. In this respect, we call upon the Canadian government to work towards the reinforcement of the role of the UN General Assembly in order to face the new international situation and stop U.S. military hegemony.